Unit 1210: 2006 Vermeer D100X120 Series 2 Directional Drill

2006 Vermeer 100x120 Series 2 Directional Drill. You will not find a nicer 06' 100x120 for sale anywhere. Aplex SC170-L pump, 4304 hours, one rack of Firestick 2 drill stem (300'). This drill will be completely inspected, tested, and any necessary repairs will be made to make sure it's ready to work.

This very nice 2005 Vermeer directional drill has an Aplex SC170-L pump, 4,304 hours, and 300 feet of firestick drill stem. The drill will be completely inspected and tested to make sure it's ready to work. Garner Equipment is offering this 2006 Vermeer directional drill This Vermeer D 100 x 120 Series II is available from Garner Equipment. The Vermeer 100x120 directional drill comes with one rack of Firestick 2 drill stem. Find directional drills and other utility equipment from Garner Equipment. You won't find a nicer 100 x 120 than this Vermeer Series II directional drill. This Vermeer directional drill comes with 300 feet of drill stem.